critchat: Story Critique

A writing podcast that critiques short stories, books, and other media.

An Introduction; or, Much Ado About Writing

Apr 28, 2019

A short introduction to the podcast and some chatting about the strange aura that envelopes all things writing.

Interested in having your writing nitpicked? Submit a story in response to the prompt below.

Prompt #1 – “Speechless”: Write a story in which a conversation takes place without any dialogue.

Send your story to Stories should target 1,000 words with a hard cap at 1,500.

At the end of the contest, an arbitrary winner will be chosen and that winner will be entitled to a month of either Reddit Premium or Discord Nitro Classic. Please include which prize you would like to receive, if any, along with your submission.

The deadline for the “Speechless” prompt is May 6th, 2019, discounting bribery or threats.