In the critchat Discord, the writing habit channel displays a percentage next to every user. This percentage is their “habit score.”

Similarly to the Loop Habit Tracker app, the critchat habit tracker uses exponential smoothing to calculate the habit score. Recent completions count more than completions in the past, but all completions are considered, even if they happened months or years ago.

This is a more true-to-life representation of someone’s habit strength than a simple average since it doesn’t shoot up to high percentages after only a few repetitions, nor does it plummet after a couple missed days. In fact, since recent completions count more than completions in the past, it also means that the effect of skipping a week or so can quickly be reversed by getting back into the habit.

Due to the nature of exponential smoothing, achieving a 100% habit score is pretty hard to do. Even very disciplined people will find their scores hovering around 80-90%. So long as you’re writing regularly, or just more regularly than you have before, you should consider that a win.

If someone has completed two or more habit repetitions in a row, a streak appears next to their name, signified by a ⚡ symbol. Streaks don’t offer any bonuses to anyone’s habit score and are provided just for fun.